RCR Models

1/72 scale plastic kits with photoetched parts and decals

72P02SP - RCR Models - 1/72

RCR Breda 65 A80 & IKW7221 Ba 65 A80 detail set

Plastic kit with decals & ItKitsWings resin detail set

€ 20,00 - available.

72P02 - RCR Models - 1/72

Breda 65 A80

Plastic kit with decals

€ 15,00 - available.

1/72&48 scale resin kits with photoetched parts and decals


Caproni 101 D2

1/72 resin kit w/decals

out of production.


Imam RO.37 A30

1/48 resin kit w/metal&p.etched parts

out of production.


Breda 65 A80

1/48 resin kit w/p.etched parts and decals

out of production.


Fiat CR 25

1/48 resin kit.

future reissue.
If you want this kit send us a pre-order sheet with your personal data (see order form on page HOW TO ORDER). When an adequate number of pre-orders will be achieved, the kit will be put into the casting process and sent afterwards to all those who booked it in advance. Payment due before the shipment.
Se sei interessato a questo kit invia il tuo preordine con tutti i tuoi dati completi. Quando raggiungeremo un adeguato numero di prenotazioni il kit verrà ristampato e spedito a chi lo ha prenotato.


Armi alari Breda Safat 7.7&12.7 mm

8 pcs 1/48 resin machineguns for Italian fighters (4x7.7, 4x12.7)

€ 8,00 - available.


Bersagliere e bagaglio per moto italiane N.Africa

Figurino 1/35 in metallo della vecchia serie Rcr inizio anni 90

€ 5,00 - available.

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