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La Storia d'Italia in Miniatura

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Resin and metal Aircraft:

ItalianKitsWings72    ItalianKitsWings48   Cunarmodel   RCR  

Resin Vehicles & AFVs:

Cunarmodel  ItalianKitsArmour72  ItKitsArmour48  ItalianKitsArmour35  Corazzati 

Resin Figures 1/35 - 1/72:


Photoetched details and Accessory Sets:

  RCR    Accessory Pack

Decal Sheets:

ItalianKits Decals   RCR 

T-shirts, gadgets, patches:

Italian Kits t-shirt  

Plastic Kits:


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A Fiat BR20 of 241st Sqd crashed on Cameri airfield after a mission over France in 1940