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In this page you'll find all inquiries about the major italian model clubs, modelshows, their publications and their addresses.

The cultural society Alfa Model Club was born in 1989 in Roma by a group of enthusiastsof modelling and history in order to make known them in mid Italy. In more then 10 years the members were present and won in prestigious exhibitions: Torino, Saint Vincent, Cuneo, Folkestone, Valencia, Parigi, Washington, Toronto, Sevres and others. Also they have cooperated with museums and cultural activities (Museo Napoleonico di Roma, Museo Garibaldino di Mentana, Museo Storico di Malta, Museo dell’Armèe a Waterloo).

Herste Hilfe, 1/35 diorama by E.Terlizzi

Many their figures and models have been printed on magazines like Figurines, Military Modelling, Historical Miniatures, Soldatini and many others.
Today Alfa Model Club has a hundred of members and publishes a montly bulletin dealing with reviews, modelling techniques, contest reports and other arguments. In November 1994 the club organized the static modelling exhibition in Ciampino under the support of the Town. After few years, in 1998, the club organized the "Euroma" Figures International Exhibition showed in Parco dei PrincipiHotel, in parallel with the Collection Figures Model Show. In view of the success obtained the Euroma contesthave been repeated and today is one of the most important meetings in Italy and overseas. But certainly themost ambitious project was World Expo 2002 in Roma, organized just by Alfa Model in July. Italian Kits trophy was among the large quantity of awards.
Besides the club organizes courses of practical modelling, where all the assembling, detailing and paintingare demonstrated thanks to the experienced members. The club has 5 historical branches: medieval, napoleonic,italian period, modern and fantasy. They are really modelling and historical landmarks for those who are realizing a modelling work.
For info: Alfa Model Club, Viale Somalia 216, Roma.



AMB - Associazione Modellisti Bresciani
Modelers Society of Brescia

The AMB is a society of enthusiast modelers of Brescia whose main purpose is the diffusionof static modelling hobby.To make this AMB members organize meetings with modelers, practising or only sympathizing, to discuss about their models and to exchange technical and historical notions spending a few of time together.
The club frequency is not binding and has not sake of gain; it needs only a small yearly share. The members are specially interested in land modelling: tanks and figures.
The AMB takes part in the most important national exhibitions with best results, visits the model shows andhas a stand in the modelling displays as Militalia and HobbyModelExpo.
In the centre members organize periodically courses of modelling and painting at basic and advanced levels.
Besides AMB organizes everyyear in Brescia the national exhibition of static modelling, this year arrived to the ninth edition on 27 and 28 October and in this edition the competitors may win the trophy Italian Kits.
The members meet every week at the social center of 5th district in the Villaggio Sereno, traversa XII, n.58/a,Brescia, at 9 p.m. o'clock.
For info you may contact: Fabio Marini tel 0338 3197467 or Luca Gallo 0333 6116165.

Diorama with Protze Tamiya by F.Marini     Diorama with Kingtiger by L.Gallo

REPORT Model Exhibition 2001, 27-28 October, Brescia
Italian Kits sponsorized 9th edition and meet the friends of AMB on day 28th attending the prize-giving ceremony in the afternoon.

L'Ultima Difesa di Denis Pozza

The winner of trophy Italian Kits was Denis Pozza from Thiene Red Devils club with the 1/35 diorama "Last Defence" set in Sicily in 1943 with a Fiat Topolino and a SP gun 90/53 of Regio Esercito.
Numerous prizes have beenassigned to the competitors in the various categories with gold, silver and bronze medals and special prizesin kits and model accessories. The youngest winner was a six years child who win the Brescia town plate.
Very interesting the 1/72 aircraft models from Modena Drive&Fly club with a beautiful superdetailed AirfixHampden, a rare Rcr Fiat CR25 and a Cmk Breda 88. - See you next year.

AMIS - Associazione Milanese di Uniformologia, del Soldatino e del Figurino Storico
Uniformology and Historical Figure Milan's Society

The Amis is exclusively interested in uniformology and collection figures realized by a careful historical research. Founded in 1985, today is a sure point of reference for the enthusiasts in Milano and includes 30 members. For the knowledge and development of that hobby the Amis organizes:
- courses of paintingshowing the technics of assembling, painting and historical background of the figures;
- print of a technical manual of painting by oil colours;
- availability and consultation for the members of thelibrary of the association;
- share in shows and competitions in Italy and abroad where the Amis iswell known;
- annual organization of the exhibition "Concorso Città di Milano del Figurino Storico"happening at the Novegro's Militaria in may.
Besides the Amis has realized a 54mm metal kit of aLombard knight of XIII century.
For info contact Al Soldatino, Viale Umbria 41, 20135 Milano, fax: 02 55190749.


AMS - Associazione Modellismo Storico Verona
Historical Model Society of Verona

The AMS is a modelling group operating in Verona since 1988. It brings together many enthusiasts and promotes the meetingamong old and new modelers, following the evolution of this hobby in Veneto. In fact the members may always keep up to date with the technics and model news and many of them take part in modelshows everywhere in Italy. Many modelers certainly rememberthe modelling files of Aerei Modellismo magazine with the images of L.Anastasi's 1/48th aircraft, or the articlesof CMPR model news about A.Tallillo's tanks, both members of AMS.
Their most important initiative is the annual model exhibition happening in may and supported by the City of Verona.The edition 2002 has been in days 12-25 april in the rooms of Arsenal on the Adige river's embankment, near the historical town.During the two weeks of the modelshow they organize historical meetings with the schools. In the closing day during theprize-giving a nice tradition is the projection of the slides of the winning models. This year the trophy City of Verona as Best of show,a silver reproduction of the CanGrande della Scala monument, went to C.Pigliapoco from Jesi. The Italian Kits trophy went toE.Lugli of Modena Drive&Fly with his 1/72 Breda 88.
For inquiries contact:
Pierluigi Castellani



2nd Model Exhibition 2000 "Città di Verona"

APN - Associazione Plastimodellisti Napoletani
Neaples Plastic Model Society

The APN is founded early in 90's on the initiative of a young enthusiast group to which other modelers already active in 70's joined, as N.Roselli e G.Aiello. In fact in that period the modelling was very popular in the CMPRNapoli branch contributing actively to the model news with the famous articles of V.Pandolfi about the SM79,Cant Z 1007 and Macchi 200, still valid for description and 1/72nd drawings (I also was member of CMPR Napoli inthat period).
Some members, as C.Terracciano and R.Giannino, take part in Italian and international exhibitions of military figures with good results, but their interest ranges over a wide field of military modelling, especially tanks and US Navy aircraft. Today APN members have not a seat, but their pieces are showed in the model shop Blues in via A.Falcone, where it is possible to admire the view of Napoli gulf also.
The society press a bulletin named IL MODELLISTA,4 colour and b/w pages with news and advices about the kits on the market.
For inquiries contact: Roberto Giannino, Blues, via A. Falcone 285, 80127 Napoli, Italy.


Model Victoria's Fiat 500 diorama realized by R.Giannino

CMSG - Club Modellistico San Giusto di Trieste
Modelling Club San Giusto of Trieste

The CMSG brings together a group of enthusiast modelers and promotes meetings to spread the static modelling.For this purpose the club organizes every two years from 1997 the San Giusto Trophy, a modelling competition extended to wooden sailing ships also.Besides the members organize visits to military museums as Museo Henriquez and onboard of warships and bring their website up to date with an interesting photographic album.Notewhorty the series of pictures about carrier Garibaldi and vehicles of Esercito Italiano.
For info contact Andrea Viviani:



Br20 1/72 realizzato da Bruno Perfetto del club San Giusto

CMPR - Club Modellismo Plastico Ravenna  
Ravenna's Plastic Model Club

The CMPR is an independent modelling society born in 1971 in Ravenna and developed at national level withcentres in the major Italian towns. They publish the Notiziario, a quarterly model magazine with articles especiallyon Italian machines. Often the ones on Regia Aeronautica aircraft are completed by technical drawings of themanuals. Besides the CMPR published 25 years ago a book on camo & markings of Regia Aeronautica with the chips ofthe original colors titled: Colori e Colorazioni degli aerei italiani dal 1935 al 43. On the occasion of the 25thanniversary the book was reprinted in a new revised edition with the camouflage schemes illustrated in color,by the cooperation of GMT and GAVS (you may buy the book on this site).
The CMPR centre of Bari is among the ones most active. They realized the official website of the club, also a cd-romwith the complete series of notiziario from 1st issue to 1999 and the Regia Aeronautica camo&markings book, alsoa series of pins and gadgets of Cmpr. Besides they meet other modelers at regional and national exhibitions andtheir models are displayed at Game and Toys Museum of Bari.
To have news contact the centre of Bari:
CMPR Bari c/o Saverio Radogna, via Caldarola B/1, 70126 Bari


official website:

For inquiries on the magazine contact Italian Kits or the national director:
Giorgio Di Giorgio, CMPR, Casella Postale 96, 48015 Cervia (RA).


CMT - Centro Modellistico Torinese
Torino's Modelling Centre

The CMT has seat in Torino from 1975 and in this period has contributed considerably to the spreading of thishobby. Every two years in March they organize a military model exhibition in the Car Museum Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia. In the year 2000 the modelshow has joined the XIV edition. The categories are divided in aircraft, militaryand civilian vehicles, figures, dioramas, ships, shi-fi and there is a junior category for young modelers.Among the prizes assigned there are the special trophies for the best scratchbuilt kit, for the best Italian subject and forthe best figure. The foreign presence is very followed also with trophies for the best French, British and Americanfigures.
Besides the CMT takes part every year in many exhibitions in Italy, Europe and USA with excellent results.
For inquiries please contact:
Piero Parlani, Via Forno Canavese 8, 10136 Torino.




Col.French Hussars 54mm of C.Signanini, winner of trophy Francia at the XIV CMT Modelshow

CMV - Club Modellisti Varedo
President Mr Gabriele Gambetti.

Club Drive&Fly of Modena, founded in 2000, is from two years only on the Italian modelling panorama but theyare well known thanks to the awards won in the exhibitions for the perfection of their works. Members build1/72 aircraft as first interest, with some 1/48 aircraft and 1/35 tanks. One of the characters of the modelsis the diorama scenery on bases with figures and accessories reproducing real moments of an airfield life.
On 12 october 2002 the club will organize first own exhibition in Modena and Italian Kits will support witha trophy for best Italian model.

For info: Foresti Stefano tel 059/54.51.51, Vignocchi Andrea tel 059/55.69.71.

Fiat Cr25 1/721/72 Breda88 realized by E.Lugli winner of Italian Kits trophy at Verona 2002

GMI - Gruppo Modellisti dell'Isola
Isola Modelling Group

The GMI has born in 1993, when a group of friends enthusiast for the modelling decidedto found a club with a personal regulation after the real interest created by some exhibits realized, in the

Leonardo da Vinci river ferry of Imbersago realized by M.Besana

years, through the good offices of the town councils.
The GMI is kindly admitted in the Don Bosco church recreation centre in Calusco d'Adda, near Bergamo; but the members come from all the Isola(Island) of Bergamo'stowns and from the near Milano and Lecco provinces.
Today the members are 20, to whom about fifty enthusiastsnot inscribed follow to be present at the various shows organized by the club.
The most important featureis the different interests of the members who assembly civilian and military machines and ships indifferently.The GMI meets one time a month, first weekday friday at 9:00 p.m., except August month. In the meeting the members discuss the small problems of the club, the show proposals and the modelling informations.The top is the organization of a modelling exhibit which lasts a week. In 2001 the exhibition was sponsorized by Italian Kits.In 2002 it was in april in the civic hall of Madone (BG).

For info contact Marco Signorelli: e-mail:


GMS - Gruppo Modellistico Sestese Sesto S.G.'s Modelling Group

Delphis Models 1/700 Corazzata Roma detailed by F.Rufolo

The GMS is a modelling club of Sesto S.G. near Milano. The members, people enthusiast of all the modelling art and famous from the Sixties for their wooden sailing ships, have enlarged their interest. In fact the members of CMPR Milano have agreed to it in May 2001. In 2002 they have received the statusof cultural association from the City of Sesto and plan stages of modelling. You may meet GMS every year ayHobby Model Expo in Milano.
Open every Tuesday evening.

For info the address is:
Gruppo Modellistico Sestese, secretary Albino Benedetto, via XX settembre 90, 20099Sesto San Giovanni (MI) Italy.



GMT - Gruppo Modellistico Trentino di studio e ricerca storica
Trento's Modelling Group
(of study and historic research)

The GMT joines a group of enthusiasts of military vehicles, artilleries and airplanes developing a remarkable workof historic research apart from modelling. This allows GMT to publish books on vehicles not very known or followed from other editors. Among them the book COLORI E COLORAZIONI DELLA REGIA AERONAUTICA 1935-43, revised edition of the famous CMPR manual, the book DAL TL37 ALL'A.S.43, on the artillery tractors and saharianeused in the II W.W. and the book LE AUTOCARRETTE DEL REGIO ESERCITO, on the light trucks SPA CL.36/39 just namedautocarrette (you may buy them on this site).
Besides the GMT publish for the members a quarterly model magazine named Notiziario Modellistico with articles of modelling completed by historical news of high cultural level.They take part also in shows like that organized by the War Museum of Rovereto.
For inquiries the address is: Gruppo Modellistico Trentino, Flavio Chisté, via S.Anna 73, 38014 Gardolo (TN).


IPMS Italy - International Plastic Modellers Society Italy  

The IPMS born in England in 1964 among modellers enthusiasts of the first plastic kits Airfix and Frog. First modelling society, non-political and not for profit, spread rapidly in the world.
The IPMS Italy center born in 1968 in Emilia and today joins centers in each region. Almost all the Italian modelersare members of IPMS. They receive a Flash bulletin and the quarterly Model Magazine IPMS in Italian language, witharticles on planes and tanks completed by scale drawings. The most important center is in Milano, in fact they organize the annual model convention IPMS on the occasion of Hobby Model Expo happening in Sept/Oct at the Novegro Fair, near Milano. Apart from the presence to the model exhibition you may visit the standsof the major producers of models, trains and figures.
For inquiries:
IPMS Italy c/o Giorgio Pini, Casella Postale 36,41010 Fossoli (MO)

website: ~

Also we report the Roma's center:
IPMS Tuttoinscala c/o Livio Gonella, C.P.233, 00125 Acilia di Roma

e-mail: ~

the new center of Milano:
IPMS Milano, via Mola 17, 20100 Milano

e-mail: ~

the center of Varese:
IPMS Varese, Casella Postale 266, 21100 Varese - Dir. Roberto Pignatti, P.R. Walter Giuliani

e-mail :



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