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Italian Kits Mail Order borns from the experience in military models of an enthusiast modeler and pilot of helicopter: Felice "Felix" Rufolo.

AB.206 EI-582 in front of Bresso hangar... with his dog pilot

Since my childhood I followed flight and first models Airfix and Frog, assembling kits of airplanes, tanks and figures always with more details and research of their history and collecting thousands of books of historical and modelling interest. This passion introduce me to military career like pilot of helicopter Agusta Bell 206 at the School of Italian Army Light Air Force in Viterbo from where I was assigned at the air base of 23rd Squadron ERI in Bresso, near Milano. Here I started the cooperation with the model shop Al Soldatino and, after I got leave by Army, I began one of the owners and here I imported all the most important kits and accessories produced in the world. Also I created a firm now well known by Italian modelers, RCR Models, producing photoetched sets for Italian kits and resin kits.

Flying AB.206 on the Alps in 1986

Leaved Al Soldatino in 1999 now I form the first Italian mail order shop on line of Italian military model kits and figures produced in Italy, the Italian Kits Mail Order, turned to the Italian and foreign public. Published on web in 2001 it created marks ItalianKitsArmor, ItalianKitsWings, Allarmi! andacquired Cunarmodel, Corazzati and Rcr for a series of resin model kits and figures of best quality.On the sales a particular attention will be used adding in your packages a free gift, on the site there are lower prices in the month Offers,a small market of vintages, model contests sponsorized. Besides you'll find commitment, seriousness and competence, today things not to underestimate.
At last a column of military history will be followed putting my historical researches at disposal of the modelers.
Hoping to be helpful to the public of enthusiasts I wish all you a good modelling.
Felix Rufolo
The AB.206 cockpit    My first car Lancia Beta coupè
This site is dedicated to the memory of my father Manlio. He fought in North Africa and was made prisoner of the Alliesin dec.1940 at Sidi el Barrani. He returned home after 6 years.

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